Friday, August 20, 2010


This week was our long-awaited return to the loving embrace of Texas and the Alamo Drafthouse. Despite van troubles we rolled in just in time for a sold-out show at the Alamo Lake Creek in Austin, then to Houston for a joint birthday celebration for the Commodore and Bob at the Alamo West Oaks, and then we finished the weekend in San Antonio at the Alamo West Lakes:

(thanks to Jaz for the pic)

Then we bid a tearful goodbye to Austin, home of breakfast tacos and swimming holes, with our triumphant return to the Alamo Ritz! This time we had all our cords in hand and everything went great. Zack, John, and Bret (and everyone else at the Drafthouse), you guys are amazing.

Now we're in New Mexico! Finally, a place where we blend in!

Special thanks to Kief at the Guild, D-Cat for planning tonight's show at the Ubermind, Fat Worm of Error for the noise, and Jenna, ABQ's street teamer extraordinaire, for the bag of 27 Jerrys!

Tomorrow night at 8:30 we'll be in Denver at the Starz Film Center! See you there, Colorado! Booyah!


Jazmin said...

Last Sunday was so much fun! Thank you for dropping by San Antonio!

Chickengirl said...

saw you guys at the Ritz!!! it was great!!! although I was a bit surprised that the pink lady monster(I still can't identify everyone) changed gender and later removed his head! shocking!

I picked up the new movie though..a movie like that needs a second viewing...

Anonymous said...

Could you pleaseeee come to Humboldt Country!???

Mene Tekel said...

I missed the show in Tempe by three days because I'm studying in Europe. No tour diary for that? I hope you guys had a good time there. We don't really get a lot of awesome acts and we're overlooked for a city so large. Having you swing by was still a treat.