Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Imagine a weekend where all your fantasies come true. A weekend where you can just Laugh until your sides literally split open, and feel as cool as a skateboarding, shade-tippin' dog. We're talking about the festival to end all film festivals -- Everything Is Festival! (aka the 10th Annual Gathering Of The Terribles)! For reasons beyond our control (God's plan), we at Cinefamily are giving the found footage freaks... at Everything Is Terrible! free range of the weekend, and letting them do whatever the hell they want (note: we did have to say “no” to the all-night helicopter foam party). This makes it the official L.A. premiere of their latest mash-up feature-length film, 2Everything 2Terrible 2: Tokyo Drift, not to mention some of EIT!’s favorite movies in their uncut glory, plus dance parties, BBQs, a return of the Cinefamily Found Footage Battle Royal, and top-secret ├╝ber-rare prints from the vaults of Cinefamily and Austin, TX’s famous Alamo Drafthouse! If that wasn't enough to drench your dick, EIT! will also be playing assorted madness from all their favorite pals they've met on their mystical journey: TV Carnage, Waverly Films, Rob Schrab, Black Magic Roller Coaster and tons more! Overall, we promise it will be the most fun you'll ever have at this dump! Think Sundance, but for discerning slobs like you! Swag-bags for folks who buy weekend passes! The only thing we ask is to bring along your old friend...Imagination!

DAY ONE (August 28th):
- Spend the day with EIT! and friends as we play tons of unseen gems, old friends, etc. focusing on KIDS, CHRISTIAN MADNESS, AND BORING STUFF!
- 2Everything 2Terrible 2: Tokyo Drift (official L.A. premiere!)
- Super rare/amazing screening of 'Miami Connection' presented by the world famous ALAMO DRAFHOUSE!
-Total Madness Dance Party (aka Night Of 1000 Duanes!)

DAY TWO (August 29th):
- Special one-of-a-kind screening with top secret celebrity guests! (you will not want to miss this)
- Found Footage Battle Royale!!!
- epic big-ass shindig to follow!



gilbrooks said...

Weekend pass already bought last month!

Son of Duane said...

Dammit, I wish I was in LA. But I'm stuck in some backwater country instead.