Thursday, August 05, 2010


Ok, folks. This is it!!! The main event for the 1st Annual EVERYTHING IS FESTIVAL is where The Cinefamily and EIT! ask YOU to show us what you got and wow us for once. Here's how it works:

- Anyone is welcome to enter.
- Submissions can vary from an unseen youtube clip to a fully edited piece. We obviously want creativity, but really this is about showing off gems. Whatever the clip may be, just think t yourself 'Will this go over well with an audience of screaming maniacs?
- Each contestant must have a total of 5 CLIPS ready for show and sent to us by August 23rd.
- Once we take a took at everyone's submissions, 16 lucky contestants will be chosen.
- Clips cannot be longer than 2 MINUTES MAX! Anything longer will be cut short.
- Submissions can be sent to us a number of ways: They can be DVD's dropped off at The Cinefamily, mailed to The Cinefamily at 611 N. Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90036 or emailed to us at whatsupeit at gmail dot com. We will take many formats, but since this stuff is going to be projected on the big screen, the bigger the quality, the better.
- Costumes, character backgrounds, etc. are encouraged.
- Taunting and mocking of other contestants is also appreciated as long as it's non-violent and/or creepy.
- The winner will recieve a number of amazing prizes, including DVD's, shirts, other things we gather from now until then, and.... DINNER WITH EIT! AT CANTER'S DELI! IN FULL COSTUME!

...We promise not to embarrass you. Now go out there and start collecting shit!


Anonymous said...

do we have to show up in person? or can we take a raincheck on the dinner until a time that is more spatially convenient?

John Wesely said...

You guys literally burned the house down in Athens.

CineGraphic Studios said...

Does it HAVE to be found VHS footage?
I have a ton of found 16mm footage that I'd like to use

Ghoul Skool said...
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Ghoul Skool said...

It can be whatever format (youtube, vhs, 16mm, etc.) as long as it's in a format we can show. So if the footage is digitized, then of course! It's just a pain in the ass to switch formats at the theater the night of the show.

Also, we strongly recommend being at the theater to present your stuff, but if you cannot make it to LA, we can make exceptions.

Operator Overload said...
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Mars said...

Oh yeah, I wanna be 'Prezidahnt' someday!