Saturday, August 14, 2010


So this is our second week

And holy shit you guys, Florida. Home of boob magnets and mailboxes shaped like manatees and Dinosaur World!

First we went to Gainesville and met the sweet folks at Spin Cycle and the awesome Amanda Justice of Video Rodeo, who screened VHS for us in her backyard at 4am! It was another sweaty night, but everyone had a great time and Keaton even got some video:

Then we rocked Miami, where we had some truly excellent Terriblites in masks made specially for the occasion! Great work guys!

In Orlando we met back up with our friends Greg, Yazan and Dima aka Heart of Darkness and Mother of Three, who forgave us of all our sins yet again!

We finished out the week in Tampa and New Orleans, but all we can remember about those shows are party dawgs in tank tops and carryout daquiris that smelled like paint thinner. Spring break!

Oh, and Max in the Tron shirt in Tampa. Hi Max.


Ben said...

Amazing. You are so beautiful to me.

Let me know if you ever figure out how many Jerry Maguire VHS tapes have been produced.

SynaMax said...

Thanks a lot for the shout out, Future Schlock! :D That show was so freaking epic!

Ralf23 said...

Caught you guys in Austin, gonna try to be back on Monday to see ya again! Great job!

Anonymous said...

You guys got to go to South of the Border? LUCKY

Nate said...

What were those weird looking things?

Oh the audience nvm.

vidvicious said...

Sounds like the NOLA show was tons of fun, Wish I could've been there.