Friday, August 06, 2010


We started this week with an excellent show at the International House in Philly, where Everything Is Terrible: the Van got a new addition courtesy of our own Cmdre. Gilgamesh:

From there, we pointed our van due South, and sweet mother of Duane it is hot down here.

Despite the coma-inducing heat, we managed to do sweet shows at the Varsity Theater in Chapel Hill, NC and the Olde North Charleston Picture House in (where else) North Charleston, SC, where we met the greatest dogs of all time, Lloyd and Diane!

After that it was a sweaty ride to Hotlanta, where we had an absolutely amazing crowd at the Plaza theater! Booyah Geoff and all the other party dawgs at the Plaza! Booyah Atlanta! An extra special booyah to Brian Kelly, bearer of 39 Jerries and the newest priest of our cult of self-completion!

After the tragic loss of Airwave Ranger to another cult, we made our way to Athens, Ga, where we did a double bill of shows at the fabulous CineBar, to which we apologize again for setting off the fire alarm. Yonder Vittles' demand that our new roadie "fog the shit out of the place" may have been a little extreme. But another extra special booyah to Jamie and the rest of the staff of the fabulous Grit, the only place on tour where we've eaten twice in 24 hours. Seriously dudes, it is awesome.

Now we are in Gainesville, FL, where tonight we fog the shit out of Spin Cycle! Doors at 8:30, show at 9:00! BOOYAH!


Nicholai said...

A booyah back from Lloyd and Diane. Thanks again for the show!

John Wesely said...

I bet the firetrucks were the most elaborate EIT Live prop ever.

Anonymous said...

Steve Coogan sure brought a lot of Jerrys, there.