The newest Everything Is Terrible! movie and live show, T H E G R E A T S A T A N, is coming to you! Please bring your offerings of Jerrys to the EIT! event nearest you!

2/7 - Long Beach - The Art Theatre (CANCELLED)
2/8 - SF - The Alamo Drafthouse (TIX)
2/9 - Oakland - The New Parkway (7:15P TIX + 9:30 TIX)
2/10 - Portland - Cinema 21 (TIX)
2/11 - Seattle - Central Cinema (7PM TIX + 9:45PM TIX)
2/12 - Seattle - Central Cinema (7PM TIX + 9:45PM TIX)
2/13 - Vancouver - Rickshaw Theatre (TIX)
2/15 - SLC - Brewvies (TIX)
2/16 - Denver - Sie Film Center (TIX)
2/17 - Omaha - The Sydney Bar
2/18 - Kansas City - recordBar (TIX)
2/19 - St. Paul - Amsterdam Hall (TIX)
2/20 - Chicago - Lincoln Hall (TIX)
2/21 - Milwaukee - The Back Room at Collectivo (TIX)
2/22 - St. Louis - The Ready Room (TIX)
2/23 - Bloomington - The Back Door (TIX)
2/24 - Cincinnati - The Woodward Theater (TIX)
2/25 - Columbus - Studio 35 (TIX)
2/26 - Detroit - Ant Hall (TIX)
2/27 - Toronto - The Royal Cinema (TIX)
2/28 - Pittsburgh - Hollywood Theater Dormont (TIX)
3/1 - New York - Bell House (TIX)
3/2 - Boston - Brattle Theatre (TIX)
3/3 - Providence, RI - AS220 (TIX)
3/4 - Portland, ME - The Apohadion (TIX)
3/5 - Philadelphia - PhilaMOCA (TIX)
3/6 - Richmond - Strange Matter (TIX)
3/7 - Baltimore - The Parkway (TIX)
3/8 - Greensboro - Geeksboro Coffee Cinema (TIX)
3/9 - Asheville - Mothlight (TIX)
3/10 - Athens - Cine (TIX)
3/11 - Nashville - Belcourt (TIX)
3/12 - Chattanooga - LIT Gallery (TIX)
3/13 - Atlanta - Mammal Gallery (TIX)
3/14 - Jacksonville - SunRay Cinema (TIX)
3/15 - Orlando - Will's Pub (TIX)
3/16 - Mobile - Crescent Theater (TIX)
3/17 - Houston - Secret Group (TIX)
3/18 - San Antonio - Paper Tiger (TIX)
3/19 - Austin - AFS Cinema (TIX)
3/20 - Dallas - Texas Theatre (TIX)
3/21 - Tulsa - Circle Cinema (TIX)
3/23 - Albuquerque - The Guild (TIX)
3/24 -  Santa Fe - Meow Wolf (TIX)
3/25 - Tucson - The Loft Cinema (TIX)
3/26 - Phoenix - FilmBar (TIX)
3/27 - San Diego - Casbah (TIX)
3/28 - LA - The Regent (TIX)

For booking inquiries, contact us at everythingisterriblelive@gmail.com! 

Never been to an EIT! show?! Watch this:

The History of EIT! Live!

<<<<<<<<<<<< 2017 >>>>>>>>>>>>



Perhaps the highlight of EIT! Live's existence thus far, The Jerry Maguire Video Store at iam8bit was all 14,000 Jerrys together at last in a perfect re-creation of a deceased 90's video store! The store, which was open for 3 weeks, was part installation, part performance, and part venue! There were special performances by YACHT, Alan Resnick, Chrome Canyon, Kate Berlant, Daedelus, Brandon Wardell, Yung Jake, Burger Records, Caroline Goldfarb, DJ Douggpound, Versace Tamagotchi, and more! The store also acted as an announcement for the Jerry Magure Pyramid's fundraising and Jerryraising campaigns. The press coverage for this installation was so insane, but here's a few: The New York Times, CBC, VICE, CNN. The store was created by Commodore Gilgamesh and Anna Bihari, with the help of over 40 volunteers! The next step is the Jerrypyramid! 

<<<<<<<<<<<< 2016 >>>>>>>>>>>>


Meow Wolf's House of Eternal Return is open now in Santa Fe, NM! This 20,000 sq. ft., interactive, psychedelic, permanent art attraction features 6 hours of EIT! videos and 2 installation pieces by Commodore Gilgamesh and Anna Bihari! You should go see this amazing thing! It will not disappoint! 

<<<<<<<<<<<< 2015 >>>>>>>>>>>>


Everything Is Terrible! Legends! was a choose-your-own-destiny live adventure featuring the very best of EIT!'s 8 years of video insanity! The video was divided into a variety of segments that were then selected by the audience! The show was hosted by the EIT! gurus Commodore Gilgamesh and Yonder Vittles, who were also responsible for the creation of the costumes! This show was seen by sold out crowds in over 55 cities across the US and Canada! 


EIT!'s second appearance at LA's annual Perform Chinatown consisted of a feat of humanity like no other! 10,000 copies of Jerry Maguire VHS tapes were moved across Chinatown, built into a temple, blessed by EITeens for 6 hours, then dismantled and returned! All of this took place in 100+ degree heat and in one day! The custom costumes were hand-made by Commodore Gilgamesh and Anna Bihari!  


Everything Is Festival!; a festival of art, comedy, music and movies that is curated by EIT! and for EITeens, made its first non-Los Angeles appearance, and it was nuts! Look at all those names on that poster! Curated by Ghoul Skool, Suki Rose, and The Hollywood Theatre! Poster art by Ghoul Skool!

<<<<<<<<<<<< 2014 >>>>>>>>>>>>


The 5th reincarnation of EIF! madness returns to The Cinefamily in Los Angeles with a virtual reality lounge, Nathan Fielder, Jib Kidder, the annual Found Footage Battle Royale, a one-night-only EIT! Internet 1.0 live show, a Memory Hole live show, and so much more! Curated by Ghoul Skool, Suki Rose, and The Cinefamily! Poster art by Ghoul Skool! 


For the first time ever, all of our Jerry Maguire VHS collection was together for the public to sit their naked butts on! All 8,000 Jerrys were used to construct this beautiful throne at Everything Is Festival 2014! 


The horror that is Memory Hole was turned into a temporary art installation at The Cinefamily! A shag-carpeted basement from the Midwest circa 1996 filled with tube TVs, VCRs, snacks, memories, and a pile of VHS tapes swallowed itself and formed an actual Memory Hole! After crawling into a hole and through a shag tunnel, the hole opens into a cave that is lit only by the flicker of tube TVs! On the floor of the cave is a pile of VHS tapes! Do you dare put a tape into the VCR that is embedded into the wall of the cave?! And what is that smell?! During the one week that the Memory Hole was open, more than 2,000 people experienced the installation! Designed and constructed by Commodore Gilgamesh!


For Perform Chinatown 2014 and The Other Worlds art show in Los Angeles, EIT! constructed an immersive installation that included a 12-foot tall monster that projected video from it's eye! Viewers watched the video piece while sitting in one-person 'dark ride' style cart! Created by Commodore Gilgamesh and Anna Bihari

<<<<<<<<<<<< 2013 >>>>>>>>>>>>


One of the two movies that EIT! released simultaneously in 2013 was Comic Relief Zero!, which was one spewing stand-up comedy set from some of the most untalented, hateful, and successful comedians since the dawn of the video era! Hosting the live event was Rusty Bouchet, America's foremost washed-up insult comedian puppet (with an embarrassingly huge felt penis)! Some nights there were also mimes, a sad clown, and an insult comedian ghost/talking brick wall; costumes by Commodore Gilgamesh and WrongMan! The Comic Relief Zero! stage show was performed in over 30 cities across the US and Canada! 


EIT! Does The Hip-Hop! was perhaps one of the group's most impressive video accomplishments, creating one flowing rap song comprise of hundreds of pieces of corporate rap! The live show featured a hip-hopping, be-bopping, boom box-headed birdman created by Commodore Gilgamesh and Ghoul Skool and, on some nights, a duo of ventriloquists puppets! This show was seen in over 30 cities across the US and Canada!

This interactive arcade game was hand-built by Robot Kid! The Terrible Machine allowed players to instantly remix classic VHS footage into a monstrous audio/visual mashup! 


GOOPoftheGODS is psychedelic, religious video insanity that is created by Commodore Gilgamesh and Bobby Nintendo! Live Goop was a production like no other that the EIT! crew has undertaken! Hate to say it, but if you weren't there, you will never understand! 


EIF IV was perhaps the best festival to date - featuring Chris Elliot, Mike Judge, Patton Oswalt, and Maria Bamford - just to name a few! This party to end all parties literally made Ghoul Skool's ears bleed! Art by Ghoul Skool, currated by The Cinefamily, Suki Rose, and Ghoul Skool! 

<<<<<<<<<<<< 2012 >>>>>>>>>>>>


The Everything Is Terrible! Live Experience went seriously over the top for the Holiday Special tours! EIT!'s fourth feature release, as is federally mandated, was a holiday season throw-away, stocking stuffer, glitter garbage jamboree! The live event featured a 10 foot tall Santa/God puppet, cascading snow, talking X-mas trees, a bumbling abominable snow beast, and a murderously cute male child protagonist! Costumes, puppets, and sets by Commodore Gilgamesh, Ghoul Skool, Yonder Vittles, and Anna Bihari! And, as if that wasn't enough, this show toured the US on both coasts simultaneously! This show was seen in over 50 cities across the US and Canada!


EIF! III was 10 mother-flapping days of pure joy and wonderment! This was the year that Everything Is Festival! proved once and for all that there is nothing else even close - featuring a Pete & Pete reunion, Nick Offerman, Off The Air, EIT!'s Rise and Fall of God, and so very much more! As always, this party's party was curated by Ghoul Skool (art also), Suki Rose, and The Cinefamily! 


DoggieWoggiez! PoochieWoochiez!, EIT!'s shot-for-shot remake of The Holy Mountain created solely out of well over 1,000 dog videos, is paws down the greatest accomplishment of modern dog and man! The live experience featured a Chuck E. Cheese style performance teeming with bone jokes, a villainous dog catcher, and a cat emcee! Costumes by Commodore Gilgamesh, Ghoul Skool, and Yonder Vittles! This show was seen in over 80 US and Canadian cities! 

<<<<<<<<<<<< 2011 >>>>>>>>>>>>


Wait, no, maybe EIF! II was the best one! Oh man oh man, they were all so good! This year's version of this world's only gonzo, weirdo video and performance festival featured Andrew W.K. (doing one of his strangest sets of all time!), Negativeland, Neil Hamburger, and so so much more! As always, this bonanza was curated by Ghoul Skool, Suki Rose, and The Cinefamily! 

<<<<<<<<<<<< 2010 >>>>>>>>>>>>


The second EIT! movie, 2Everything 2Terrible 2: Tokyo Drift!, was a massive achievement in found footage re-appropriation films! By constructing an original narrative, 2E2T2 was able to lead audiences into an unparalleled psychedelic realm! The live experience, featuring three 8-feet-tall monsters with 6-feet-long arms, was an impressive leap forward that showcased EIT!'s ability to create and construct a universe around the video pieces! The live show also featured a motivational speaker with a melting face and a creature completely covered in VHS magnetic tape! Costumes by Commodore Gilgamesh and Ghoul Skool! This show was seen in over 80 cities across the US and Canada!  


The very first EIF! was the beginning of such a beautiful and magickal thing! It introduced the world to The Found Footage Battle Royal, Rob Schrab and Dan Harmon's Found Crap, and so much more! It laid the foundation upon which EIT!'s Ghoul Skool and The Cinefamily would create a festival like no other! Words fall far short of describing this special moment in time!

<<<<<<<<<<<< 2009 >>>>>>>>>>>>


EIT!'s first movie, Everything Is Terrible! The Movie!, wasn't the most creatively titled piece in the cannon, but it is responsible for launching Everything Is Terrible! into a new stratosphere that had not yet been explored! The pace of editing, the pure psychedelia that flowed from every moment, the batshit crazy live shows all started thanks to an invite from The Cinefamily in Los Angeles, followed by The Alamo Drafthouse in Austin! Thanks to those 2 wonderful institutions for planting the dream seed in Everything Is Terrible!!!