Thursday, December 20, 2007


"Hunting the North American Wild Turkey provides the ultimate challenge to even seasoned hunters. Learn how to outsmart these cagey birds from professional hunter and award-winning turkey caller, Jerry Antley." After watching the 40 minute hunting tutorial in its entirety it occurred to me that the host of the instructional video, Jerry Antley, was much more comfortable speaking to the gobblers than the camera - and likely his wife, whom he mentions in the video.

Video #2 Sleeping Drier with DDAVP Tablets

Found at Village Discount Outlet, 4027 North Kedzie Avenue, Chicago, Illinois

This short informative video was made in 1999 by the Rhone-Poulenc pharmaceutical company to tell kids all about DDAVP tablets in a hip way that kids would understand. Your hosts, Amy Scott and Tim Summers, "give you the scoop on bedwetting." They get you hip to cool facts like this one: 5 million kids wet the bed - just in the United States. Can you imagine how many wet beds there are in China? Sweet Dude! The melodramatic reenactment of an embarrassing bedwetting incident makes this pharmaceutical informative video a must watch.

Video #3 Hot Country Dancin' with Special Guest Lee Greenwood

Found at Village Discount Outlet, 4027 North Kedzie Avenue, Chicago, Illinois

This gem from 1984 was shot on location at the famous Stagecoach Lounge in Nashville, Tennessee. It is the best country dance instructional I have been able to get my hands on. I have included here the opening scene at the Stagecoach Lounge where Lee Greenwood takes his wife out for a night on the town, but she is swept away by a mustachioed cowboy who knew how to move his boots on the dance floor. Do you know how to two-step cowboy?


Anonymous said...

The girl in the bed wetting video is Kat Dennings

Keisha said...

In Nashville, I gather, men do not wear undershirts.