Wednesday, October 21, 2009


*Video courtesy of Chicago David!

October 24 @ 10 pm
CMJ's L'asso Pizza Party!
Collective Hardware (169 Bowery Ave.)
The RSVP is now closed. HOWEVER, you can still get in if you come early. CMJ badgeholders/RSVPers get in first but they will let non-badgeholders in.
Make sure you come early and catch Greg Barris' The Heart of Darkness @ 8PM!


October 25 @ 6:30 pm
Magnet Theater (254 W. 29th St.)
More info here!

If you can't make it out to the shows, The DVD is back in stock at Blue Door Video, 87 1st Ave, in Manhattan for the low price of $15.


marahe said...

you know on true blood when maryann would spazz out and then everyone would do it and people would eat hearts? yeah... that's what this reminds me of.

John said...

Don't go for the arms! Cut off the head! It's the only way to kill the beast!

Anonymous said...

Fuckin trippy man.

Destination A Go-Go said...

So no "7 LUCKY NINJA KIDS!" and no "Cat band"? :(
Where's the love?

...I'll see you guys Sunday:)

p.s. Don't forget to bring Ghoul.

Greg said...

some pizza video

Jeffrey said...

Does anyone know the name of this tv show?

Tina Yothers said...

It appears to be some sort of divine Hindu goddess.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't you guys have gone there 3 months ago???

DanhĂȘ said...

fucking sick shit. hahahaha

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