Monday, September 28, 2009


EIT's first ever Texas retreat was a smashing success! Big thanks to John Gross and the rest of the staff at the Alamo Drafthouse for showing us a great time. For those of you who were at the Burlington Coat Factory that night, here is a taste of the show:

We even got to go to the mall, something we do not have in our homeland of the Internet.

EIT Takes Texas

EIT Takes Texas

EIT Takes Texas


daniel said...

The Houston show was great. I lol'd.

I will be purchasing a DVD shortly as I was 75 cents short after the show, and every ATM was closed in the mall at that time.

CURSE YOU COMMERCE!!!!! ~shakes fist~

bubbledumpster said...

i love you.

Ryback's Cook said...

Hot Topic?

Here's a hot topic: Asians.


Alex said...

Joe Don Baker...comedy GOLD.

usernameichose said...

i dont comment enough but i love this site. its my new television

Heather said...

That first video was frightening enough to ensure that I will never set foot in Texas again. Holes! Midgets! Booze! Dogs wearing clothes! It's no wonder they want to secede.

Alex H. said...

Loved the Austin show. The "ways to lose fat" video had me and my friends in tears laughing.

Destination A Go-Go said..., Joe Don Baker


Anonymous said...

Dammit EIT, you finally drove me insane. Norway or Texas? NORWAY PR TEXAS?! I just... can't... choose!