Sunday, September 19, 2010


Well, we did it. We found the Magick Crystal.


Don't get me wrong, it's nice to be home sleeping on my VHS bed again, but something feels...missing. Sunshine hurts my eyes and pizza tastes bad. I saw a dog on a skateboard the other day and barely even laughed.

I gotta be honest- I miss the van.
I miss the weird shit on the dash (Virgin Frankenstein by Gracie- thanks, Gracie!),

I miss Lords Hinyin and Minyin,

photo by Michael Gill

photo by Steven Soloway

photo by Sybil

I miss nice people in St. Louis giving us cookies (thanks Erin!),

photo by H. Lindsy Donahue

I even miss the Commodore threatening to fire Yonder Vittles and me on stage.

photo by Bruce Ojard

But most of all I miss those sweet, sweet Jerries.

photo by September Slater

Thanks to the Hollywood Theater, Clinton and everyone at Central Cinema (Quentin-we have your tape!), the Ridge in Vancouver, Missoula, Montana, the Corn Palace, the folks at the Dundee Theatre in Omaha, Tim and Shayna and everyone else at Zinema 2, Cedar Cultural Center (thanks again Ray) and the AV Club Twin Cities, Kate and Project Lodge in Madison, and Times Cinema in Milwaukee!! Booyah to you all!!!


Michael Gill said...

That is quite the dash. Indicative of a great time had, no doubt.

We definitely enjoyed your show in Vancouver. You molested us with laughter.

Oh, and thanks for the photo cred!

-Love, Peace & Funky Soul.

Chickengirl said...

Well I'm glad I got to see you guys when I was still in Austin, it was a great show!! You guys are the best!!

Destination A Go-Go said...

Welcome home!

Anonymous said...

Wish you guys woulda done more at brew not bombs. ya'll were my favorite part of the night!!

Bruce said...

You think you found the Magick Crystal? Bwahhhhahaha--I switched out the worthless counterfeit crystal in your possession with the Real One somewhere along your tour route. It now belongs to me, and, unless you do another Quest Tour very soon, your chances of acquiring it are NIL.

MrsBonBon said...

You told me the magic crystal was inside of me. I have been digging into my stomach for nothing. Worthless spoon.

Crystyl Wyzzyrd said...

I am so happy I got to see you guys while you were on tour. I'll never forget it! Please tour again!

Gracie said...