Friday, September 03, 2010


Our brain-cleansing sponsor Paul Crik has allowed us a 5-minute break from our past life reikihypnohydrotherapy, so let's make this quick. The past 2 weeks have been fucking incredible.

The Friday before last we did a special surprise Albuquerque show where we played with the awesome bands A Church Is Not A Hospital, John Dieterich and Friends, and Fat Worm of Error, who were kind enough to provide musical accompaniment to our monster show! It was a match made in Hell:

Then we pointed the van due north to Denver, where we celebrated Keith's birthday with the Starz film center crew and Clayton, the Chosen Bearer of the Jerries! Hooray Denver!

Next we had a show at the world famous Loft cinema in Tuscon, where the magickal circle was finally completed and the portal to Hell opened!

Our task complete, we celebrated with a show in Tempe with the Midnite Movie Mamacita and a very interesting visit to the Unarian compound/ show at the Che Cafe in San Diego.

Then it was only a short ride up the cost to the big show, the Everything Is Festival at the Silent Movie Theater in LA!

Three coke parties and five pitch meetings later, it was on to San Francisco and four shows at the amazing Red Vic Theater:

Photo courtesy of David and Allison. Seriously San Francisco, if you aren't a Red Vic regular, you should be. They have a cat for Duane's sake.

Finally we returned our videos to their natural habitat with a show at Neighborhood Thrift/Cafe in Fresno:

And tonight we make our Portland Debut at 10 PM at the Hollywood Theater!

Well, back to the sensory deprivation chamber. We've got a lot of negative karma to work through. Until next time, Terriblites....

this is it. fuck it. it is what it is.


MrsBonBon said...

That's seriously the best picture my girlfriend and I have ever taken. We are gonna frame that shit.I wan ted to talk to you guys soooo badly but I didn't want you to break character your act is fucking hilarious. I cant see you as human beings only as my alien overlords.

Anonymous said...


Crystyl Wyzzyrd said...

The show you guys put on at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland was one of the most fun shows I have ever seen. Sorry we sucked so bad at the sing along.