Thursday, May 27, 2010


Hey Chicago!

Come join us this Tuesday, June 1 at 9pm for some FREE summertime fun at the Hungry Brain! We'll be playing seasonal EIT shorts and a feature-length turd of YOUR choice, and Davey K. and Friends! are returning for more hot puppet action!

This show will be a benefit for the amazing Odd Obsession Video, the unofficial Chicago headquarters of EIT (and official Chicago Jerry drop-off point)! Come by the store and check out our new EIT PIKKS AND HITS shelf, where you can satisfy your morbid curiosity with full length source tapes from some classic EIT videos!

Sunshine is overrated!


Anonymous said...

lol it's great to see the covers to some of these videos, especially Hawk Jones

theawkwardchild said...

Curse my bondage to New Jersey, where I only have Snookie and Tony Soprano to cling to.