Sunday, May 02, 2010


Unless you've been in rehab for the past 4 months, you probably already know we have made it our mission to track down every VHS copy of Jerry Maguire in existence.

Recently, we were contacted by someone with a similar obsession and we were so moved by his story that would like to share it with you.

Kurt has collected 229 copies of Jurassic Park, including:
- 3 copies which are in the original shrink wrap with Jello Jigglers mail-in rebates
- 6 widescreen / letterbox editions
- 1 double-tape special edition
- 1 special Canadian import
- 1 Japanese version bought in Japan

Sadly, there will never be enough copies of Jurassic Park on VHS to slake this man's thirst. If you have a copy of Jurassic Park to donate, please contact Kurt at Together, we can make a difference.


Anonymous said...

NEVER!!! nobody gets my copy of Jurassic Park!!! SHOOT HER! SHOOT HER!!
p.s. you can take my copy of Jerry Maguire. That movie fuckin' sucks more dick than Tom Cruise.

thesecretlivesofcats said...

I always thought it would be a smart idea for someone to buy up all the Jackson Browne records in the 1 dollar bin at record stores. They could get an art grant to do it or something.Then you wouldn't have to wade through so much Browne to find the good stuff.

mcsandwich said...

Wish I'd thought of it first. Good luck Kurt! But I've gotta say, that's one of the most confusing websites I've ever tried to navigate.

Anonymous said...

I have a VHS of JP, but I can't give it up due to childhood sentimental value

I must have watched that tape hundreds of times as a kid

Patrick Bateman said...

I want to cut a puppy's head off and shove it up my dead grandmother's cunt. Then I would eat her body with the puppy's skull inside her grimy pussy.

fuzztooth said...

VHS Jurassic Park is only worth keeping if it's one of the first run with the "raptor hand" shot in place.

Anonymous said...

1) Why would anyone ever willingly give up one of the greatest movies of all time?
2) Even if they wanted to, how in the blue hell do you actually contact this guy through such a crap website?

That is all.

Anonymous said...

I just got this movie at Goodwill today, just to send to this dude, and I can't figure out how.
Now what am I gonna do with it? I don't even own a VHS player.

Namaps said...

I'd send him mine if there was really a way to contact him on that website. It just seems to be five random links, though I can't say anything for sure, since I can't read or speak Japanese.

Barbara said...

Try scrolling up and down past this picture for a really weird optical illusion.

Anonymous said...

I like how this guys write English in Japanese and Japanese in English. 英語 means English in Japanese. Beyond that though I have no idea how to navigate that site.

カート said...

Wow, I forgot that I used to have a website that I never did anything with! Also, here's a more current view of the collection:

Scuz said...

This is totally awesome. Congrats. I have been doing the same thing with copies of speed since 2007. I have 428 and a laser disc.

Let's join forces! Contact me.