Friday, May 28, 2010


When those Chicago freaks had the nerve to say that their hot dog of a town was the unofficial home of EIT! I say bullshit. So what if it's where we all started the gang? So what if literally every other member is living there right now? Don't they know that LA is home to Ghoul 'Fro-Yo' Skool? Los Angeles is also the birthplace of VHS, and the grill. You love both of those things you say? Well then you're in fucking luck. This Monday at the world's most dangerous movie house THE CINEFAMILY (aka The Silent Movie Theatre) will be presenting THE 5 MINUTES GAME! I'll let them explain what that is...

Summer's around the corner, and you know how the Cinefamily loves to usher in the new season: by busting out the patio grill, and playing The Five Minutes Game. What's all this about a game, you ask? We're firm believers in the concept of "every movie is interesting for at least its first five minutes": those fascinating moments when you're still entering the new world a film presents you, and trying to figure out what the hell's going on in it. What we're gonna do is choose fifteen movies you've likely never seen before (with most, if not all of them unavailable on DVD), line 'em up, and show you only the first five minutes of each (not counting their opening credits.) After that, you, the audience, gets to vote on which film out of the fifteen we all then watch in its entirety. So, bring something to cook on our grill, and let's get started!


Destination A Go-Go said...

Why doesn't Ghoul love us anymore? and why did he leave us? What did we do?

This makes me sad and confused.
I think I need to watch
"My Ghoul Lives In A Downtown Hotel"

Yonder Vittles said...

you turkeys in la can have your hollywood bbqzzz cuz we are surfin' on a sewer of terds here in chicago and straight shade tippin' every minute of it. boo yaahhh - chi town dawgzzz!

Anonymous said...

Is there actually going to be grilling? I'd hate to show up with three pounds of raw hamburger and have nothing to do with it aside from huck it at the screen (I came this close to minoring in Hucking)

Eric said...

I don't know much about their theater, but Cinefile was one of the very best video stores I've ever been to. EIT + anything Cinefile-related = excellence.

Ghoul Skool said...

YES! The grilling is real. And Cinefamily is from the creators of Cinefile, so there you go!

And Desty, I'll always love you.

Katie said...

I can't believe I missed this! I've only just discovered EIT; a week earlier and I would have been golden.

Gonna do it again?