Monday, December 28, 2009


Alright, Christmas is over, New Years is coming up, and frankly, we don't want to do anymore work this year. So this week we are going to be taking a look back at our favorite videos from the past year. These are the funny internet videos that we will remember fondly for the rest of our lives.

And as a special treat, here's the worst video I posted this year: Engine Eddie

Please vote for your favorite videos from the past year in the comments throughout the week and we'll make a complete top ten list at the end of the week!


Anonymous said...

Bingo Hell (sept 14) is the most terrible video of the year.

Anonymous said...

The only image of Jesus I've ever been able to see clearly was on a dog's ass...seriously, google image: "dog's ass jesus".

sounddoc said...

billy bob teeth is definitely cringe-worthy, as was yogi obi doby or whatever it was with rasta rooster.

i don't know about terrible, but by far the video i watched over and over again was october 21st's "internet for kidz!" until it was sadly taken down (despite it being out there if you look!). really top-notch. i know it's not fair, but the edited videos are absolutely hilarious.

Christoph said... /09/get-to-work-teens.html

get to work teens is my favourite

oh man what a bummer!

John said...

Duck Men 6.

Knives vs Cops.


tereg said...

I can't pick just one, so I'm going to list some personal favorites in no particular order

Jan 13th - A New Breed of Pawn Shop
Oct 26th - Thanks Boobs! (Boy Crisis music video using various EIT clips)
Jun 30 - Look What God Made (A BLOOD SACRIFICE)
Feb 4th - Men Are Dumb and Lazy (mainly because of the creepy husband that gets looped, never gets old)
Oct 2 - Christian ID Puppet Seeks Love (KISSY KISSY WOOO)
Mar 31 - Flirting with Martial Arts (Master Eastwest)
Oct 12 - Don't Fuck With Militant Corporate Street Gangs (Koss)

Finally Tonight, Jesus of course

I really liked Internet for Kidz as well.

In the same vein: Jan 15th - Internet 101
Feb 3rd - Let's Go (Web) Surfing Now!

And the video that was the gateway for me to discover EIT that holds a special terrible place in my heart - Jan 30 - Go Into Business For Yourself ... For Kevin Trudeau

@sounddoc I was relieved too when I was able to find the video after it was taken down.

There are others I really liked a lot this year. EIT has given me a lot to laugh and smile about this year, so I am thankful.

Kevin Church said...

White People Having Fun is the video I point people to the most. It's funny and relevant and manages to sum up so very much that's wrong with our country in a short amount of time.

Marty said...

I Wanna Be an Astronaut....classic EIT with that scary singing guy, Kat and the most unenthusuastic kids to ever appear in a children's video!!

Anonymous said...


god why do you even ask

Anonymous said...

oh shit good for your heart good for your penis and three minute angeldust

Anonymous said...

Oh please please include Baby Huey the duck's song. It never fails to make me laugh out loud.

Thanks for a great year, EIT!

Kathleen said...

My top ten:
1. Knives vs. Cops
2. Baby Huey's angsty song
3. Paul's Backyard
4. Moms on the net
5. Supervan
6. Cat massage
7. Pokemon pocket devils
8. Duane!
9. The tree climbing one?
10. Jesus loves the little stereotypes

Anonymous said...

Getting hit on by an animated lawn mower was probably not the low point in her week if she lived in Nebraska.

Anonymous said...

wwjd etc

Julian said...

I have begrudgingly limited my favourites to ten videos. I tried to represent several categories that I found significant.

Un-Ironic Appreciation: Super Xuxa/Xuxa and the Pink Dolphin (I laughed the first five times I saw these, but then I watched them ten more times. I would have loved this movie as a kid.)

Strong Men (There are a lot of great videos in this category, so I had to pick two instead of one. I dearly miss Pro-Wrestlers or Renaissance Men?.): The Power of Muscle Is Powerful (see Jesus category), Maximum Dolph

Creepy Adults do Bizarre Things Supposedly to Entertain or Educate Kids (Hard to pick just one for this category. Paul's Backyard, Jesus Died for Your Donuts, Stranger Danger and many others come to mind.): Flirting with Martial Arts (R.I.P.)

Rapping about Vegetables (This is actually a sub-category, but I had to cheat.): Do the Veggaboogie/The Carrot Highway (I could not decide which is better)

Boring (I did not force myself to include this category. I actually really like this video.): Tree Stand Safety

Technology: Internet for Kidz (Narrowly defeated the Internet for Baby-Boomers, though the quality of videos in this category is generally very high.)

Exercise: Facercise (A few other gems here, but this one is the clear favourite).

Jesus: Finally Tonight, Jesus (My first EIT video and still one of the best.)

Instructional Videos (Too many to choose from here; Enhance Your Memory with Murderous Bloodlust, Your Professional Image, Knives Vs. Cops, and Phone Manners Are Important Too are all equally good. I only chose this one over the others because I like the element of gender stereotyping.): Soccer Moms Need Guns Too

Keep up the good work, EIT.

Destination A Go-Go said...

Absolutely one of the best direct to the sale bin Defenestrator's ever.

A year well done...
There was alot of great stuff this year but my fav DeFenIII clip was.
"You and God Make a Cute Couple"

Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

Did someone already say "I'd put my carrot down HER highway!" when the video was originally posted? If not, then thats what I would say.

Mars said...

Isn't the Billy Bob Teeth guy also the Beanie Baby guy?

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