Wednesday, December 30, 2009


These are the ones I liked!

I cannot be blamed for this...

And let's not forget the one that Duane'd us all...


Destination A Go-Go said...

The Man, The Myth, The Legend!

Out of all you've given this year, one gave me the gift of God.
"Jesus Died For Your Donuts"

Well done son of Jacob Anderson
[butt-horn mandroid from the future sent back in time to unwittingly become your father]

Happy New Year

Matt said...

The whole "Knives vs. Cops" thing has me seriously reconsidering my upcoming vacation to Canada.

Apparently, a puncture wound to the chest is a traditional form of greeting in the Great White North.

Ange said...

Oh my god, I used to own that "Kuddly Kittens" video when I was a kid! It was just 30 minutes of kittens doing adorable things to soft piano music. Don't remember the skulls for some reason... hmm. Oh well. Anyway, I'm late for a blood sacrifice!

shodan said...


I am traumatised
I think I will need years of therapy after this

Anonymous said...

Knives vs. Cops

Hands down the best Animal Planet Documentary... EVER!

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