Wednesday, December 30, 2009


What about our friends?

Or these classy dudes?

My best friend and soul mate.

I think we all learned a lot from this one:

And my favorite crazy of all.


Destination A Go-Go said...

The captain of crazy..
Hats off to you sir.

From one armed bandits to Eve's lazy eye to Jed Clampett sized bowls, its been a great year.

My favorite moment..
"A womans guide to football"

Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

see, annie lennox is just as normal like we are. she goes shopping too.

Anonymous said...


Matt said...

Some observations re: the slot machines video:

- The host looks like the demon spawn of Burt Reynolds and Dom DeLuise.

- Though I feel dumber having watched the video, I was able to calibrate my monitor using the pattern on his shirt.

- That Big Gulp was BAD ASS. Those things are always at least 50% syrup, so you know that guy's not there to pussyfoot around.

Matt said...

And while I'm at it...

When Susan Powter started yelling "Cracker! Cracker! Cracker!" I took it as sort of an accusation. Immediately after watching, I changed out of my wifebeater into a crewneck and promptly removed the '76 Impala from the front lawn.

Also, they show her buying sundries like pasta and toothpaste, but why not a hairbrush? Oh, right....

Elizabeth said...

How glam is satan??? Seriously. And what circle of hell does princess Gwendolyn come from?

Waqas Malik said...

mmmm i'd definitely tap that grocery store chick seriously ♥

shodan said...

the bible is NEVER wrong
they don't fuck around
they drop the N word at the start
so you know they're hardcore !

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