Sunday, March 13, 2011


We need your help. Today a terrible atrocity has been committed. Amazon has done the unthinkable. They removed the 'VHS' search tab. No this isn't a joke! Seriously, the world needs your help. Please contact Amazon today, beg them to bring it back, write to your representatives, get in the streets, fucking do something!


og Nate said...

But then, how will you find more Jerrys?

wv: diessess

og Nate said...

You are now connected to Venkat Vamsikrishna from

Me:VHS search function10:00:00 AM

Venkat Vamsikrishna:Hello, my name is Venkat. I'll be happy to look into your question. 10:00:04 AM

Me:Thank you10:00:09 AM

Me:Im wondering why amazon removed the VHS search capability10:00:21 AM

Venkat Vamsikrishna:Can you hold for a minute or two while I research this for you?10:00:50 AM

Me:yes thank you10:00:54 AM

Venkat Vamsikrishna:All of the videos sold by follow the 60Hz, NTSC format.10:03:44 AM

Venkat Vamsikrishna:This is the video format used in North America and Japan. These tapes10:03:44 AM

Venkat Vamsikrishna:will not play on most video machines in countries that use PAL, SECAM10:03:44 AM

Venkat Vamsikrishna:or other video standards.10:03:44 AM

Venkat Vamsikrishna:If you're interested in finding PAL-compatible videos, you might try10:03:44 AM

Venkat Vamsikrishna:our partner site in the U.K.:10:03:44 AM

Venkat Vamsikrishna: ; 10:03:44 AM

Me:but now I can no longer find VHS tapes via amazon10:04:19 AM

Me:unless I specifically search for the movie, by title, in VHS format.10:06:02 AM

Me:The only supported formats are now DVD and Blu-Ray10:06:13 AM

Venkat Vamsikrishna:Search the VHS movies by typing VHS tapes in our search engine.10:07:56 AM

Me:it will have to do. Thank you for your time.

Venkat Vamsikrishna:You're welcome. Thanks for visiting We hope to see you again soon!10:09:17 AM

Me:awesome name, by the way

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Anonymous said...

Use my handy link in the meantime


"You guys removed the VHS option from your site! WHY?! there are many of us who are looking for the best quality used VHS tapes on the market. There are web groups of us who are OUTRAGED at the fact you are trying to close this down. You are a life line to entire web communities. You must hate customers, and the people if you remove VHS tapes! BRING BACK THE VHS!"


D said...

I can't believe that I actually noticed this on Amazon before I saw your post about it. I was similarly concerned.

Anonymous said...

Just sent them an email. I think it's appalling.