Thursday, December 30, 2010



"Griffith Laboratories food scientists’ industrial knowledge will support you in creating optimum products. They deliver succulence to the matrix and crispiness to the coating."



"What kind of a life does the person have, to edit (and horribly I might add) a fifteen year old video to make it look worse than it actually is? Give me a video of when you were a kid and I'll make you and your parents and your grandma look stupid too."


Please leave your favorites from the past year in the comments and we'll tally up your votes this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Police control is my fav :)

Dragon Sound said...

Of this batch, I vote for Eureka Springs, solely for the fact that they made a point of contacting and criticizing you.

Anonymous said...

That's actually a cool idea. EIT should have a home movie week where people send in old home videos to be mutilated and turned into something worse.

jaredkk said...

haahha i like the send in videos idea ;p my fav was probobally police control outta these. oh god im still seeing Clitty-anne though from that female orgasm video u posted GAHH

mitch said...

God that pig sure likes to prod the posteriors of perpetrators.

Ravenhallow said...

I don't know why, but I really love that Microcrisp video. There's something I can't put my finger on about it that makes it magical.
All of these were good 'uns, though, so it is kind of a hard choice.

Anonymous said...

The cop sure seems to like to pat the men's butts...hmmm

Mik said...

Protect Yourself!

Tombstone Atlantic said...

What can I do to get a copy of Eureka Springs.
It was once my favorite video on the internet, and now it's gone :(