Friday, December 31, 2010


2010 was nothing short of spooktacular, mainly thanks to you guys and your support for us at EIT. Gosh, remember the tour? The DVD? That book? That time a dude wore our shirt in that porn?

And if you thought this year was all we had in us, 2011 is going to blow your doggie mind. But for now, here are some of my favs from the last 12 months. Thanks, y'all!

Please leave your favorites from the past year in the comments and we'll tally up your votes this weekend.


Anonymous said...

The Bubble Man wins my vote and my heart.

Anonymous said...


Heavy metal madness?


Clayton said...

Count my vote for heavy metal madness , psalty and club mario.

Thanks for the great year of entertainment EIT!

Ravenhallow said...

I need to get a copy of Deadly Prey. Oh my goodness is that one ever delightful.
Also, did I spy a kid in a "Jehovah Park" shirt in that last video?
Deadly Prey definitely wins my heart out of this batch.

Upon some serious reflection, I really think Psalty! is the greatest video of 2010. It was the one I watched over and over, and made sure to torment all my friends with.
Looking forward to getting my brain blasted by you guys in 2011!

Ted said...

Bubble Man is incredible.

OG Nate said...

Hands down Bubble-boy. God thats creepy!

Dragon Sound said...

Deadly Prey all the way! It's easily the best action movie starring Ted Prior released in 1987.

Fat 'n Boring said...

The Rappin' Granny.
Parts is parts!