Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Ghoul Skool, I'll take your Super Xuxa and raise you one Rajini Kanth, known simply to his legions of fans as SUPERSTAR. Despite his ill-defined chin and lack of dancing ability, this dude is the highest paid actor in India. A fan even set himself on fire out of love for SUPERSTAR!

We love you SUPERSTAR!

To declare your undying love, visit:




Heather said...

The first video was not enough, based on its own merits, to convince me that Superstar is deserving of his name. The second one, on the other hand! WOW! Any man who can ride a motorcycle lying down while holding a guitar is clearly more than a mere man.

Anonymous said...

Racism is terrible...

"The secret of actor Rajinikanth’s ‘white’ tan in the song sequence 'Style' in the ‘Sivaji’ was not the result of any fairness cream or cosmetic touch-up but an entire year of Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) work by city-based firm Indian Arts... it was one of the original concepts of director Shankar, who is known for his grand ways of shooting songs. “'He was thinking about the way people admire Rajinikanth’s dark tan and wanted to show how the superstar would look had he been a European.'”


therandomizer said...

I set myself on fire for no man. Maybe for a woman but there would need to be certain conditions.

Frease said...

Tony Clifton?

Destination A Go-Go said...

SUPERSTAR was a mighty offering.
Singing, dancing, "El Mariachi" inspired guitar fights.

But until he fights the sewer dwelling war monger Baixo Astral it's
TEAM XUXA forever!!!!

Desuko. said...

As long as we're comparing international superentertainers, let me nominate Razor Ramon (aka, Hard Gay) from Japan. He was doing his schtick long before Bruno was just a gleam in Borat's eye.

Here's HG celebrating Father's Day:

And here he is paying a visit to Yahoo! HQ:

Anonymous said...

I would like to know what they are saying in the astronaut video.

Adam said...

Great, now we're even outsourcing hip-hop.

Abstract Vagabond said...


The Blaggernaut said...

I don't care what anyone says, these videos are great. Until 5 glorious minutes ago I didn't know who this man was, and now I can totally see setting myself on fire over him.

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