Saturday, June 06, 2009


People of Los Angeles!

Clear those calendars, because you are cordially invited to join the EIT crew Saturday, June 20 as we join the Cinefamily in presenting EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE: THE MOVIE!

The WORLD PREMIERE of EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE: THE MOVIE will be followed by a rare screening of the boobtastic classic DINOSAUR ISLAND, so what are you waiting for? Buy tickets already!

It's on, motherfuckers.


Parado Amancebado said...

Good luck there, pal!.
It´s a pity that L.A is so far from where I live as Greenland (Spain speaking here...) but I´m sure that the public (and of course you) will have a terrific time.

Keep it up the good work and thank you for all the "terrible" moments!

Anonymous said...

Dudes, tell me that 'Tappercize' crank dat guy is gonna be there!

Seriously though, count me in!

Anonymous said...

Are you guys going to release this on DVD as well? Or are the legal issues too problematic?

Anonymous said...

bring it to chicago!

Future Schlock said...

We're working on scheduling EIT shows in New York and Chicago, anonymous. We'll keep you posted.

Marcus said...

I remember watching this on Cinemax when I was a pre-teen! I was still into dinosaurs, but I was also getting interested in boobs. It was the perfect combination.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I've actually seen this movie more than once.

Bring this show to New York ASAP!

Travis said...

An equally awful movie called "Coons!" will be showing in New York City the same weekend... that's right... it's all I got, people... Let me know if the "Dinosaur Island" people are hiring.