Saturday, December 24, 2011

R.I.P. 2011: REM LEZAR

Some of my favs from the year:

Ex-San Diego Charger Miles Mcpherson asks his students to ask, and then ridicules them if they don't agree with his answer:

Boyd made me feel true loneliness:

The Central Organization of Police Specialists teamed up with criminals to tell us all about what must easily be the most addictive psychedelic of all time:

Had to throw this one in for the holiday season as it contains the best "Jingle Bells" rendition ever:

And with 2012 almost upon us, don't forget to take heed of this dated "timeless" message:

Thanks for all yer support folks! Oh and those shoes weren't magic at all, we only told you that to give you confidence! The real magic was inside of YOU this whole time!


Strelnikov said...

I love how, in the "Have you been left behind?" video, that the pastor is a fake and the church non-existent. Great way to proclaim the faith: lie about it.

Merry Christmas, EiT!

Ravenhallow said...

..Is it.. safe?
The editing in that one is brilliant.

Anonymous said...

The lessons I've learnt:

1. All sex is STD-generating suicide, don't believe that "science" bull.

2. Death is determined by a specific number of cigarettes, and no one likes crazy people who look for old men.

3. Murder and rape, whether to adults or children? Hey, nothing compared to DRUGS.

4. Said drugs make you really bad at singing.

5. Cows to their milk, bees to their honey, sheep to their wool, and Christians to their money.

nowmoreepic said...

yes remember to, stop looting and smoking weed and doing gay weddings and go to the church basement video shelf for answers when all the Christians disappear...

marlon62 said...

all the sanctamonious christians disappearing at the same time? sounds like heaven.

Anonymous said...

Hasa diga eebowai!