Saturday, December 31, 2011


This year our Terrible family grew with the addition of the greatest guest bloggers on the entire web. They brought us some great videos in 2011, and we're looking forward to more from them...before the upcoming apocalypse, of course.

Aaron Valdez from Wreck & Salvage sent us on a laser mission.

Chris Ward from World of Ward Crap got us hot for the komputer tutor.

Cringevision aka Cringevenom explored the relationship between race and bad haircuts.

Operator Overload's rainbow sponges got taken down, so we got a talk from Doc instead:

Paul Kersey Jr.
found another stupid alien thing to befriend your child.

Rich Juzwiak from fourfour introduced to the newest dance craze.

J Dobbs, one of our Found Footage Battle Royale contestants, gave us some gym time with Spider-Man.

Zena Grey, our Battle Royale Grand Champion, answered your questions about menopause.

And a special thanks to our friends at the Cinefamily, who not only hosted Everything is Festival and other live events, but they also brought us a week long Mondo Super Hero Mix.

We are always on the lookout for new guest bloggers, so if you think you've got what it takes, contact us at whatsupeit at Just put "I Wanna be a Guest Blogger" in the subject, include a few links to your videos, and maybe you can be the next great Terrible Guest Blogger!


Nate said...

Wow, I hadn't seen Beezbo before, thanks for that.

Ravenhallow said...

Beezbo focuses my rage. I miss the sponge lady, that was definitely one of the most wonderfully weird videos. Little black boy haircut, though, that gets a vote from me.

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