Friday, February 01, 2013


Watch EIT's own Ghoul Skool, Rem Lezar, and Bobby Nintendo completely dork out in this action-packed trailer from 1999 or 2000!

Plus, here are some weird commercials from Channel 43 in Cleveland circa 1986?


mellowcheddar said...

$1,439.52 for a fucking carphone? Geez, you can get, like 2 iPhones for that. What a gyp.

Anonymous said...

sometimes when you take a good look at the 1980's, you realize how fucking futuristic the modern day is when compared to it

Anonymous said...

So how did that "Jurassic Park" thing turn out?

--Sgt. M

Ravenhallow said...

Oh my god you're tiny babies in that first video, awh!
And musical commercial jingles, yes, yes please.

andiepants said...

I had glaucoma once, and my head turned into a pumpkin too!