Thursday, February 21, 2013



Tim Chuma said...

I like these sort of videos. Once went on a "safety" binge and saw one called "Spills Happen" where they threw a 44 gallon drum into a waterfall to demonstrate environmental damage.

Not forgetting the Shakespearean "Crikey, there's a tractor on the farm"

and also The Road Warrior

"DON'T BE A NERD! Take your time!"

MC Oral B said...

At least a couple people in that office have a furry fetish. These are facts.

commandercool said...

This is fantastic. I wish every week was Boring Week.

Ravenhallow said...

@MC Oral B - there's an archive of photos from furry cons in the 90s, I've spent a lot of quality time reviewing it, and yes, you're most likely right.

(seriously they're delightful)

Zipster90 said...

I can only imagine being the man who mixes fuel for toy airplanes for EIGHT FUCKING YEARS.

Henry_Slinkman said...

"...and the Mideast."

Yeah, Indiana did feel pretty foreign to me when I first moved here.