Thursday, January 31, 2013


"Listen Everybody, Part 1" by Hugs'n'Kisses from Casualties of Happiness


Anonymous said...

Ho ho ho oh god

Joel Strewth said...

Yesterday I was browsing this used bookstore that had a lot of old VHSs, and I spotted five Jerrys in a row. I actually thought of buying them and sending them to you guys, but I guess I didn't have the energy. Maybe next time.

Anonymous said...

@Joel Strewth:

You bastard. You left them there like that? Haven't you seen the god damn Sarah McLachlan commercials for Christ sake?

--Sgt. McKinley, Royal Anon's...

Unknown said...

He's like the Ghyslain Raza of found footage.

Anonymous said...

naAs an extra in Jerry, I'm heartened to know someone else feels the pain of seeing them all on the thrift store shelves. The acting is great, the extras superfluous, but the story line is inconceivable. The Cardinals winning a championship! Where do I send copies to?

RemLezar said...

@Anon you can send you Jerry's here:
Everything is Terrible!
P.O. Box 47924
Chicago, IL 60647 USA

Keep track of our Jerry work here:

Ravenhallow said...

I promise you I WILL break the top ten some day! More Jerries will be on the way, soon!

Anonymous said...

I saw SIX Jerrys at a Goodwill once. I shouls have saved them. Forgive me!

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