Tuesday, August 07, 2012


On Sunday, August 26th at LA's Cinefamily, we have a real treat for you guys.  An afternoon screening of 'Star Wars: Uncut!'  Wanna know what that is?  Then read on!

One of our age’s great odes to communal creativity, Star Wars: Uncut is a shot-for-shot reinterpretation of the canonical 1977 sci-fi classic — cinematically retold by almost 500 different directors, all in 15-second “microchapters”! Using every single conceivable homemade live-action and animation angle, the crowdsourced team of filmmakers’ efforts to lovingly re-create Episode IV: A New Hope down to the last detail is awe-inspiring, heartwarming, and a fantastic testament to the power of our 21st-century democratized tools of creation. “[At] any point in ‘Star Wars: Uncut’, [you’ll] see Jedi children in suburban driveways, hand puppets, motion graphics, action figures, and hundreds of other no-budget techniques on display. The source material is so deeply embedded in our consciousness that no matter the style or homage — nods to Bergman, ‘Yellow Submarine’ and Simpsons characters abound — it’s impossible to lose your place, or your grin.” — Willamette Week. Don’t miss your chance to see this legendary viral video phenomenon in a unique, cozy Cinefamily big-screen setting!

If you're a fan of films like 'Raiders: The Adaptation' then you are going to LOVE this.  Get your tickets here!

But there's more!  Friday, August 24th we have the reason midnite movies were invented: MIAMI CONNECTION & LIVE MARTIAL ARTS DEMO W/ DIRECTOR Y.K. KIM IN PERSON!  It makes no difference if you've seen the movie or not, you will never be able to etch this night out of your mind.  Join us for the truly funniest most entertaining films ever made!  Get your tickets, please!

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