Thursday, June 21, 2012


Only 8 days to go and our friends at Country Death and Short Pockets are just over 2/3rds away from their goal. To remind you just how awesome they are, here's a collection of some of the music videos we've made for them and their various other bands throughout the years.

Remember if you donate $35 to the cause, I will personally make you a DVD with ALL their music videos (yes, even the ones that have been banned) AND I'll even draw some sweet cover for it (I did the cover art for Short Pocket's Razzle Dazzle album -- look it up). Here's the first 3-minute movie I ever made, serving as a music video for Take No Damage (all this music is available on iTunes, by the way):

Another from Take No Damage:

Some early lo-fi Country Death meets Short Pockets:

From Short Pockets' first album:

A really awesome music video for Country Death shot by Heather Hryciw and edited by Matt Lyons:

Finally, for good measure, an encore of some of the best EIT videos for these guys:



Qathi Hart said...

I cannot, this early in the morning, under caffeinated, quite express exactly what I love about Everything Is Terrible. Watching the Country Death video as I sip my morning cuppa the Brown Elixir of Life I thought, "golly it's just like Burning Man. Awesome." What I really like is the truly terrible videos so expertly edited into short watchable bits. I admire the fortitude one must exemplify to be familiar enough with such terrible footage to remix it into something else while maintaining the aura of the source material, creating something else entirely new with it's own aura. Aura in the digital age is a wonderfully deep topic that requires more coffee...

John said...

I bought both Short Pocket albums after hearing Razzle Dazzle. I also have the Country Death album still sitting on my desktop.

Micheal Tyler said...

Country Death is the best!

Ravenhallow said...

"Demon Narrator" is still one of my favourite songs/videos. TND and Country Death are god damn awesome.

Dave said...

The starfish made me do it!