Friday, February 03, 2012


A music video that I put together for our friend Devin Levi using found footage/and a few really bad airplane-based movies.

You can hear more of Devin Levi's music here.

Tonight DoggiezWoggiez!PoochieWoochiez! will be at Murdock Theater in Wichita! Buy advance tickets here!


Anonymous said...

haha great work that music is really terrible!

Nate said...

they set us up the bomb!

All your footage are belong to EIT!

Anonymous said...

That's some good writin' music. Looks like they're getting a sale.

Pudding said...

That. Are some goode shyte. (As Shakespeare might have said.)

I always appreciate the band plugs on here, you guys. Please don't feel self-conscious for plugging friends and side-projects. This is how art travels. I listen to T.N.D. on a regular basis and will be looking into this Levi individual. Good on you all. Dwayne be with you.

Ravenhallow said...

What Pudding said, spot on. Thanks to all these awesome music videos I've gotten to know and love TND/Country Death, Lavalier, and a few other awesome bands. Dig it.

Dave said...

Some how the Wright Brothers were on to something!