Thursday, July 28, 2011


The numbers are finally in! 1,507! Jerrys! Holy shit! Thanks to everyone who has donated! We've done some great work here, but we've got a long way to go. Think of all those Jerrys out there... waiting, wishing, dreaming. One day, they will all be reunited! They must! I have a dream! And so does Georgia The Cat! Keep 'em koming!

Send them Jerrys to:

Everything Is Terrible!
PO BOX 50825
Los Angeles, CA 90042


TheFilmBug said...
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ThefilmBug said...

Having the feline pose with a Jerry Maguire video is both degrading and cruel. This tops what those monsters did to the poor Einstein cat.

Ravenhallow said...

Awh, I'm my lucky number on the list - 9!
Did you guys enjoy my marker scribble of your logo on the package?
Were the other tapes I sent sufficiently horrid?

commandercool said...

Just remember that you must always use this power for Terrible, never for evil.

freelance writing said...

Cats are rock))