Monday, April 13, 2009


TV Carnage and EIT have decided to take a break from the endless war and join forces for the next couple of weeks. It's mind boggling, I know. Just think of this as George W. Bush feeling up Saddam Hussein in his red Convertible on Make Out Point circa 2002.

Oh yeah, and please make sure to check out the greatest Adult Swim pilot ever, created by TV Carnage with animation by Mr. Ghoul Skool himself!


Garry said...

Props Ghouly. That promo is fucking hilarious.

Grrg said...

From wikipedia:

"According to his former butler in an episode of the E! True Hollywood Story, Villechaize never got over losing his job, and for the remainder of his life practiced an often nightly ritual of drinking in a darkened room while screaming obscenities at an episode of Fantasy Island playing on his television."

And then he shot himself in the head. At the age of 50.

Ivan said...

Wow, I do the exact same fist pump when I listen to the cheesy early '80s sell-out version of Santana.

Michelle Wood said...

When did 'crummy' leave our collective cultural vocabulary? I miss it. I also wish it was still ok to get together and 'rap' about things we're feeling

I love how Tattoo says 'depression' and 'barbiturates'.

Jimmy the Dhimmi said...

Take it from Tattoo kids, if you're persistant, you can fulfil your teenage dreams!

Elliott Christ said...

Having Herve Villechaize to speak out against suicide is extremely bitterly tragically ironic.

On a lighter terrible note, if you have Santana on, wouldn't the first thing you show when you mention the band be...Carlos Fucking Santana? Is he even THERE, or is this The Santana Experience Featuring Carlos's Old Roadie?

And, yes - if you're seriously using the word "crummy" when talking about suicide, YOU'RE NOT DEPRESSED ENOUGH. I want to live for-fucking-ever and I at LEAST use the word "crap" to describe shit.

Michael said...

The best person they could come up with to talk about suicide was Tattoo??!! I wanted to kill myself just trying to figure out what the hell he was saying in that high-pitched accent nasal voice. Yeah, teens really related to Tattoo...he was the spokesman for their generation.