Monday, February 16, 2009


I think every NFL team was under contract to produce a rap video in the 80s and we at EIT want to bring you every one of them. Here's one for the team of the Eighties, the San Francisco 49ers.

If you know of any more NFL raps, please let us know in the comments.

There's also this fan made song set to the tune of "We Didn't Start the Fire." Nothing gets me pumped up for football like a series of still images accompanied by a Billy Joel homage.

And of course, here's the Citizen Kane of NFL raps.


walkathon said...

Sorry that none of these are "raps," but all from the 80's and seemingly EIT-worthy:

"New England, the Pat'riots and We"

"Skin The Bears" New England fight song

Baseball Boogie

Fortunately / unfortunately, there's no shortage of this stuff, though oddly enough, fairly sure there's another '85/'86 Patriots rap out there ... memory hazy. Careful as you tread, Master Baggins.

The Thick Repeater said...

American Football found brief popularity in Scotland, here are the Glasgow Diamonds:

I hear they were the best.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to top Charlie Carson and the Super Broker Shuffle:

Anonymous said...

Cincinnati Bengals "Who Dey Rap"

Airwave Ranger said...

Seriously guy's you are doing an amazing job. There are so many incredible songs here. I think the award though has to go to The Thick Repeater's find, truly awful. The video has it all, including multiple up-skirt shots.

marahe said...

this page is the ultimate go to on NFL raps. plus, the point out the best parts on the videos.

The Seattle Seahawks one is my favorite (apart from Cleveland, of course.)
"Most cringe-worthy moment: At the 1:40 mark, a saxophone player emerges from the showers and then plays in front of a shirtless player working out."

Russell Franchise said...

When the Rams still played in L.A., they made quite possible the most expensive worst rap song ever! The title: Ram It!

"I like to ram it, as you will see, nobody likes ramming quite well as me!"

Do You Know how to ram it!?

MW said...

Philadelphia Eagles Rap 1988: Buddy's Watchin' You

Here's to you, team that didn't make it to the Super Bowl (again!).

Anonymous said...

You can all go to hell. I love the baseball boogie but this is the best ever performance by a pro team. Chech the moustache syncing.

Anonymous said...

ok, i got about 10 seconds in, and all i could think is:

he's trying to play a drum beat ON THE MIXING BOARD?!?!?! one, the producer would shoot him for fucking up his equipment and two, MIXING BOARDS DON'T PRODUCE SOUND! THEY CONTROL THE SOUND!!!!!

now that my rage is gone, i'll finish the video ...

on a strange side note, my word verification tag is "angstabi"

Anonymous said...

wow. i can't do it. i can't watch the whole thing, or my head's gonna explode. i feel like that animated kid in the 49ers helmet.

it's interesting that some of them sound like they could have been decent rappers if they rapped about something other than football. then there are the guys who sound like suburban white nerds trying to rap. the sad thing is i could probably rap better than most of them, and i make casper the ghost look tanned

Anonymous said...

I don't know of anymore NFL raps for you guys, but you MUST check out "story lords" on may or may not be one word. We watched it in elementary school and was made by UW-Stout. You will not regret it.