Saturday, August 23, 2008


Like most of you, I have followed the work of Dolph Lundgren for well over two decades. Some claim that he peaked in the titular role of Mark Goldblatt's urban-street-crime-drama-thriller "The Punisher"; others say his career has been on a downhill slope since his turn as the Street Preacher in "Johnny Mnemonic".

But true fans know that Dolph never looked better than he did in the flight suit of Major Jack Holloway in 1999's "Storm Catcher".

I now present to you a scene that was snubbed by the Academy (who gave the Oscar to that so-called "actor" Kevin Spacey), which I have titled:

What Dolph Knows...

And as an added bonus, I present to you:

What Dolph Is Supposed To Have Done...

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Ghoul Skool said...

It's really the perfect crime: Killing dudes while wearing a spacesuit with a huge HALLOWAY name tag on the back. Even I think he's guilty.