Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Audio Adrenaline - PDA


Ghoul Skool said...

That first clip is the complete opposite of Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' video. Still, I'd roll with these hot dogs.

Brian Kamerer said...

actually i think the fact that bands like these can enjoy playing this music completely sober is proof that jesus is coming back. infact its a better proof of god than anything Descartes ever wrote.

futureschlock said... God that can help these clowns out anyway. Hail Satan!

Also,these dudes must have a different definition of "PDA" than I do, because I read the second clip as advocating making out with your mom at the mall.

MikeG said...

Go sheep!!

Yeah, that's about right.

Anonymous said...

wow ... how original ... Christian music scene biting off real talent. In this case - Beastie Boy's sabatoge - when they still frame with the bad suits and the old sedan.
I thought Christians were not supposed to steal?

Anonymous said...

LOL@the guy who said this sounds like sabotage and a huge lol @ saying theres no talent in any christian music. How could you possibly know that? Bigots are silly. Anyway, this isnt my style of music, but its legitimate.