Friday, April 11, 2014


Hey Chicago! Spring is finally here, and with the warm weather comes the return of ONCE IN A LIFETIME! The series kicks off TONIGHT at 8pm with Natalie Jose, Katie McVay and Candy Lawrence goofin' on the 1998 Kirsten Dunst vehicle FIFTEEN AND PREGNANT and continues all summer at Comfort Station in Logan Square! The venue is gorgeous, these gals are hilarious, and all the shows are FREE!! Check 'em out:

4/11 (TONIGHT!)- Fifteen and Pregnant
5/9- To Be Fat Like Me
6/6- My Stepson, My Lover (aka Lies, Murder and Deceit)
7/18*- Liz & Dick
8/15- Friends 'Til the End

Special thanks to Davey K. for making our poster art! Davey is one of the genuises behind FOOD PARTY and CHANNEL 2020. Also, he has a really good Tumblr.

*Date subject to change

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