Tuesday, April 08, 2014



Anonymous said...

What a video, now I'm gonna have the sex.

Anonymous said...

Actually some decent media literacy about commodification of women's bodies there... but I fail to see the connection between that and abstinence. Damn you EIT and your judicious edits!

Michael said...

Become Happier By Avoiding Sex, Marriage, Fatherhood, And Parental Alienation Syndrome (Summary).

My story on my website has the same title. Information from online articles (published by reputable organizations), one DVD documentary, and two books was combined to tell a “complete” story of the unjust problems fathers deal with in the United States. The story begins during marriage when the children are young and the story ends in old age. I also include my personal story. At least two of my websites show the story that I wrote: http://www.mgtow-michaelhill.blogspot.com/, http://mgtow68michaelhill.wordpress.com/.