Thursday, November 07, 2013

Fateful Findings, The Visitor, Pittsburgh screenings

Hey everyone who can get to Pittsburgh sometime in the next week or 2, Three Rivers Film Festival starts this weekend and we are excited to be able to help bring you these following 4 shows!
And for the many of you that you don't live anywhere near Pittsburgh, here are some awesome trailers for you to watch:

Fateful Findings brainwash-washed a theater's-full of peoples' government-monitored collective conscience at Everything Is Festival IV this past August and it is probably the most expectation-obliterating movie that we've seen this year. Starring, written by, directed by and produced by Las Vegas filmmaker/architect Neil Breen. Playing at Waterworks Cinemas on November 11 at 9:00pm and November 13 at 4:30pm. Get tickets here:

Pittsburgh Extreme Radical Video does monthly screenings that Everything Is Terrible! and friends of ours have screened for--this show will include shorts/videos by Damon Packard, Loose Meat, Joshua Rieval, Lenny Flatley, Blackmagic Rollercoaster, Kyle Van Noy, Gena Salorino, Michael Maraden, Pig Norovirus Bodine, Justin Crimone, ourselves and more tba last minute! Free beer and food too. November 11 at 8:00pm, get tickets here for only $5:

The Italian Connection aka Manhunt aka Milan Caliber 9 has recently been digitally re-stored(it looks much better than this amazing trailer) and will be playing at Melwood Screening Room on November 10 at 4:30pm and November 15 at 7:30pm. Get tickets here:

Yep, that's real! And this trailer is pretty reserved compared to the movie. Playing at the Harris Theater on November 20 at 9:15pm and November 22 at 7:00pm. Get tickets here:

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Ravenhallow said...

holy crap the Italian Connection trailer is incredible!
It's a real shame PA is such a big state - why does Pittsburgh have to be so far?!