Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Tickets are on sale now for our 9/7 shows in Oakland! Buy yer tix now for the early show and the late show! Go to both if you like!


Anonymous said...

going to google Gayther He Touched me right meow.

Sumner D. Coy said...

Bill Geithner discovered *lists off about a dozen names no one has ever heard of*

these people live in some weird parallel universe where "does billy graham have a quiet time you bet your sweet bippy" is an acceptable proclamation

Ravenhallow said...

That was almost amusing in parts, geez.

Also I found a VHS of this dude at a thrift store and snatched it up with much gusto.

Stephanie said...

I listened to all of Mark Lowry's stand-up growing up in a Christian home. I sadly know all the names he listed, and I have to give the man credit for not being half-bad for a Christian comedian. Also, he wrote "Mary, did you know?" and as an Atheist I don't agree with it, but for a Christmas song, it's rather beautiful.

Just saying. It's lame, and in a lot of places racist, sexist, and backwards, but for a Christian we thought he was damned progressive and funny.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, his delivery is pretty good. Timing, pacing, vocal range - I'm impressed. But he did come out in the end, right? It would be tragic if he lived his whole life in closet.

Anonymous said...

From wikipedia:

Lowry is single and has no children."

I mean, c'mon.