Thursday, May 23, 2013


Since the gang keeps voting down my theme week pitch for Yonder's Bummers Week, I decided to just use my video for Religion Week instead.


Anonymous said...

When you see people with advanced technology and food offering you the means to survive, you'll worship whatever god they want you to believe.

Christopher said...

1. I hope they brought food and medicine and shit too.

2. Why Muslim countries? Muslims worship the God of Abraham too. They're like, 90% Christian already.

3. Sorry Pastor, but the generation that saw Jesus return was Jesus' generation (Matthew 16:28). You're about 80 generations too late, but you might still catch the Kali-Yuga if you're lucky!

4. Genuinely curious: Does the video this was cut together from mention Apartheid at all? Or was this filmed after it had ended?

Anonymous said...

He said they had never been shown a movie, especially one in their own language.

Fine...put a dubbed version of The Avengers or Iron Man next to this one, and see which flick the 'natives' choose to watch.

Sam said...

Man, christians scare the shit out of me

Anonymous said...

"Okay starving Africans, bow down before white European Jesus and we'll give you a bible and a bowl of rice, and tell you not to have sex before you're married. O hi starving AIDS baby, how about a movie to make you feel better? There's a lot of blood and torture in it but I'm sure you'll get the point."

23 Wolves said...

I want bummers week.

Anonymous said...

Fun fact: most Ethiopean converts to protestantism are members of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, one of the oldest churches in the world.

So basically they're also taking away folks' history.

Anonymous said...

Ethiopia is NOT a predominantly Muslim country.
I think you should be giving starving people food, not showing them Mel Gibson's Jesus snuff film or whatever the fuck that was.
If you want to prevent AIDS you should be giving out condoms, not preaching abstinence!
shit like this is why I'm an atheist.