Tuesday, May 07, 2013


Chicago! Buy your tickets now for the one night only sneak peek of our upcoming movie made entirely out of the world's worst stand-up, Comic Relief Zero! Up Comedy Club! May 16th! 8PM! I promise this guy will play a big part:

Oh boy.


Anonymous said...

Are the Klingons also Hispanic, or does this guy have a separate Stepin Fetchit blackface routine for them?

Anonymous said...

The ending bit where he's supposed to be "falling" through space was a lot funnier than his jokes and actually made me laugh!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that audience is easily entertained.

Anonymous said...

The worst thing about racist jokes (aside from the fact that they're racist) is that they're just the same five or six lines told different ways. Mexicans... ILLEGAL, amirite? Star Trek mexicans... ILLEGAL, amirite? Raiders of the Lost Ark MEXICAN REMIX... ILLEGAL, amirite? It's even lazier comedy material than airline food humor.

Anonymous said...

Because every Hispanic person is Cheech.

Anonymous said...

Wow, even if I was racist, this wouldn't be funny.

Anonymous said...

Mexican Star Search would have been way funnier...whos with me?

Anonymous said...

Now do frizz mullet redneck Trek.

Anonymous said...

Remember, black people telling white jokes is funny - NOT racist. Only white people can be racist. Glad to see that EIT knows this and continues to keep the politically correct narrative going.

It's nice to see a site that takes such liberties poking fun at Christians, fat people, rednecks, and anything that may have a slight moral compass.

Too many sites try to claim to be "edgy" and mask their ire for people who do not fall in line with the exact beliefs of the PC crowd. Not EIT. They stand proud and condemn any thought that would be out of line as racist, homophobic, or just plain mean-spirited.

Never stop doing what you do. As long as you keep telling us what is ok to laugh at, we can continue to erase free-thought entirely over time. Eventually we will all learn to laugh the RIGHT way!

Fred Burrows said...

@anonymous may 7, 2013 11:39 pm
Look, just because we made fun of your mullet and failed stand up routine there is no need to be bitter about it.

Anonymous said...

That was a good goof!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Obama!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous - If a black guy with a mullet made jokes this terrible, I'm syre they'd host it.

Anonymous said...

as a Mexican, I approve of the "lowered Starship" joke. And the mullets. And anon's "PC jokes" comments.

keep it real esses

Anonymous said...

@AnonTroll - you're free to be as cruel and hateful as you want, but when we make fun of you for your stupidity, that's PC gone mad?

Don't you just wish it was the 80s again, when racists with bad hair had it a little easier?

Anonymous said...

Ah, the youth of America. Hypocrisy is fun, no? See, my point was that your little social masters tell you who is fair game for ridicule. Instead of an "everybody gets some shit" attitude, you decide the guy imitating Hispanics is a hateful racist.

Why? Because he's white. He's not a real citizen of the world, has never suffered (no, really, white people have NEVER suffered. What IS white, by the way?), and has more that likely succeeded on the backs of minorities (read: non white, whatever that is).

My point is that you've been taught that imitation MUST be hateful depending on the color of the person doing it. Double hate points if you deem something a "stereotype". Here's the kicker - by doing so, YOU are being racists.

Funny how that works.

See, I believe we all have our little quirks, no matter who we are. Black people like fried chicken, Mexican people are lazy, and White people can't dance.

So I hate blacks, Mexicans, and white people? I LOVE fried chicken, my white cousin is lazy, and my black buddy can't dance for shit.

"But, but, but you're making generalizations!"

Fuck you. How about that. How about you stop worrying about some damn jokes based on what YOU want my intent to be.

EIT can be really funny. It can be even funnier when you guys stop trying to pretend you stand above everyone just because you're a political and social can of Spam.

Now I have to get back to work. See, I'm working on this construction project with this camel-fucker from Dubai. I'm Cheeseburger, because to him we Americans are all junk-food freaks. We're both wrong and we know it, hence the reason we both find it funny as shit.

He's also marrying my sister. But hey, I'm just a hateful racist so I better put a stop to it.

The world will always have tribes. We will always find humor in things we aren't familiar with or understand. It's how we cope.

So instead of you jackholes standing on soapboxes shaking your fingers at people far wiser and older than you, how about you just go get drunk. Seriously, that's all I can recommend because only time will make you smarter.

And to the Mexican guy who actually got what I was saying - Viva you!

Anonymous said...

lol, 3:40 anon, your panties are REALLY twisted up, eh? Maybe you should just fuckin' relax, bro...if anyone sounds self-righteous, it's YOU! Go take a pill, drink some beer and burn a cross or two and you'll feel better, 'kay? If you don't like what EIT posts (here it comes) don't look at it. I'm sure THAT will teach them a lesson!

Anonymous said...

Did you just call me "bro"? Yeah, I'm going to listen to anything coming from a guy who wears his hat to the side and likes to eat "extreme" chips.

Getting your clock cleaned with logic isn't fun, so I understand why you had to fold and call me a a racist again. Once your social circles revolve around more family and reality and less about Xbox, you'll probably be better prepared to debate next time.

I know you didn't read what I wrote, but I already debunked your little racism theory. But since it's all you have - knock yourself out.

Projecting racism is usually the sign of a racist. You would do well to take a good look at yourself and find out what makes you so intolerant of others who look different than you.

Good luck, and I hope that you get whatever new video game you have your heart set on. It's apparently all you have.

"Bro". Really?



And by the way, since you are terrible at debating and...well probably talking in general, I'm letting this be my last post here. I've already wasted enough time on your lack of compassion towards your fellow man.

Or in your case, fellow Red Bull drinkers.

"Bro". I can't get over that. Hehehehe

Anonymous said...

He also said "'kay", so you shouldn't be so hard on him. I say that because he's probably a girl. LOL

I like how he told you to relax but calls you a racist. You're right. He's not worth your time.

Don't agree with someone? Racist! LOL It's funny that people still use that when they lose.

Defenestrator III: On Broken Glass said...

Wherever no one is asking for their opinion, Anonymous will be there. Wherever there is a straw man argument to be made, Anonymous will be there. Wherever a political discourse can be started on a Blogger comment thread, Anonymous will be there.

Anonymous said...

Jeez, I HATE that Anonymous guy. I hate his Anonymous friend, too.

And don't even get me started about Anonymous!

Ravenhallow said...

I'm not racist, I'm mulletist. Fuck that guy.

Concerned Citizen said...

I didn't bother reading any of the Anonymous guy's rant, but I am very certain that it is the most passionate anyone has ever gotten over this mullet with a body.

Chris said...

holy fuck. actual question for you eit folk- what is this guy's name? he looks super familiar for some reason.

Anonymous said...

The first thing this clip brought to my mind was the coked-up white crowd laughing uproariously at Octavio the clown in Scarface.