Friday, September 14, 2012


His voice oozes sex — his hair is like a golden waterfall. When there’s no one left to clean up the scum — you gotta call Traxx! Broadcasting legend Shadoe Stevens’ (Hollywood Squares, “America’s Top 40″, SoCal’s mythical “Federated Group” commercials) foray into feature film action stardom is equal parts cop movie, spoof, buddy comedy and completely inexplicable Video Nights fodder. After battling his way through El Salvador, the Middle East and Nicaragua, ex-mercenary Traxx retires to a life of baking gourmet cookies — but, strapped for cash, heads to a crime-infested Texas burb to punch pimps, blow up brothels, and mash maniac mobsters for pay. Sure, he may go a tad overboard (slaughtering the entire red light district, hanging corpses upside-down from street lamps, etc.) but the slapstickiness of it all makesTraxx as light as whipped shortbread. Shadoe shows he’s much more than a face for radio — and an onslaught of zingers, Raimi-esque gonzo physical comedy and seriously buzzonkers action makes Traxx truly unique viewing. We do know that if you were to take a drink of water every time Traxx shoots a bad guy, you would drown halfway through the film. Schedule permitting, Shadoe Stevens will be here to introduce the film!

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Anonymous said...

Could you please upload the rothrock event?

scottc said...

They didn't care about killing puppies a 100 years ago, you Negaholics!