Thursday, March 22, 2012


It's All-Pro footballer and Renaissance Man Hershel Walker, of course!

Courtesy of the Aaron Valdez Collection. You can see more at Wreck & Salvage and Hard Stars!

WORCESTER, MA! Come to the Firehouse tonight!


Anonymous said...

So many posts on this site have rap in the title. It would be a great theme for your next tour! screga natimpl.

Anonymous said...

want that adidas shirt

Dave said...

Spandex all around then!

Ravenhallow said...

Well, 80's fitness raps being terrible is not exclusive to awkward white people, but Hershel does have some smooth moves. Also, abs. Holy sweet cocoa beefcake, Batman.

Nate said...

Meh, he never made it into the CFL.

Also, I vote we add "celebrity rappin'" tag