Friday, April 29, 2011


Guest blogger Rich Juzwiak from FourFour is back with the evolution of chair dancing. Now with more hip hop!

You can learn more about chair dancing here!

We are also proud to be a part of this wonderful weekend at Cinefamily this weekend- MONDO SUPERHERO! Even if you can't make it, maybe this trailer will convince you to move out to LA and walk the streets of Hollywood Blvd dressed as Fin Fang Foom for a buck a photo. (NSFW)


Anonymous said...

Damn. I'm going to watch that again.

Mr. Tastee said...

Ya'll ready for this?

Little girl: I was born ready motherfucker

If my parents ever forced me and my siblings to do this I would undoubtedly grow up to be a serial killer.


why all the nudity. I can't complain I just want to know why?

Richard Whittall said...


Ravenhallow said...

Pretty sure I'm getting more exercise moving my hand from the bag of Bugles in my lap to the French onion dip on my desk and back.
Miss Preggers Pink isn't even fucking trying.

Marty said...

@ Richard: My first thought when they got out the paper plates?

coffee said...

I'm sure they all remember the roaring 20's

'like we used to do'


Anonymous said...

Why not take it to the next level? Exercise while lying down. Or sleeping. Technology, step up to the plate and find the answer.

Anonymous said...

Fuck P90, you've got chairs and plastic plates!!!!!!!!!

Dongo said...

This is the first video on this site that's ever made me want to cry.


Julian said...

I think that woman in the purple t-shirt has been doing too much chair remaining-totally-still-while-eating-an-entire-bag-of-potatoe-chips dancing.

Julian said...

Disclaimer. Lifting paper plates in a seated position is not actual exercise.

Also, why is everything funnier when it is done by a fat/old/disabled person as opposed to a normal person?

This could make for innumerable comedic situations, such as,

Fat woman falls over and is unable to stand up again because she is too fat.

Old man falls over and is unable to stand up again because he is too old.

Disabled woman falls over and is unable to stand up again because she is too disabled.

Old man dancing in a chair(I think someone may have been done this one before somewhere).

I'll stop now.

og Nate said...

Sarah Palin makes a cameo in chair dancing?

Willma_Lecken said...

Tst... what a tease!
Making me wait for the hiphop part until the end :$

emily said...

oh god the sparkles at the end