Thursday, March 19, 2009

PEOPLE ARE LIKE TREES... that we poop toxins out of our feet!


Garry said...

These must be popular with Scientologists.

MW said...

Yes, this is pure crap.

Incidentally, this is no Japanese reflexological secret.

In fact, the Chinese characters above KINOKI (木樹液) would be pronounced bokuju-eki or mokuju-eki (literally, tree-tree-liquid).

"Kinoki" would mean, I guess, "tree of the tree?"

Bad Japanese and a bad product.

John said...

Part of me fears this is real and we're all fools for ignoring the warning.

Jay said...

Those actually do absorb toxins...from the skin in your feet.

Fortunately I have kidneys and a liver, and they remove the toxins from the living tissue in my body. Science!

The Declinist said...

I was skeptical until I saw those persuasive bar-graph stats, hard to argue with rigorous independent research like that.

Anonymous said...

Am I exposed to unavoidable toxins? Nope, I've avoided those.