Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Hey Pittsburgh friends! Next week at Pittsburgh Filmmakers we're helping screen ultra-independent filmmaker Damon Packard's non-budgeted awesome latest feature, FOXFUR! This extremely original modern sci-fi drama comedy conspiracy movie will be opened with never-before-screened, non-internet available shorts from EiT! favorite short filmmaker Blackmagic Rollercoaster & local trouble-maker Josh Rieval!

And featuring "beyond-Hollywood" level sound design and a killer score by Tangerine Dream!

Tuesday, October 22
only $5


closedmouth said...

I'm confused. This looks genuinely good?

Ravenhallow said...

Looks weird and cool!

RemLezar said...

It is genuinely good, as well as weird and cool! It is unique in a way that we think y'all will like.
Plus, the Santa who's lap we're sitting naked in for our Holiday Special photo has an amazing cameo in it!