Tuesday, July 17, 2012


The Chicago cell of Everything Is Terrible! and the Odds N Friends gang are reconstructing the 1990 Arnold classic through video, dance, puppetry, ventriloquism and song. If anyone out there in Terrible Land would like to submit a Total Recall-inspired video, song or original artwork to our massive 2012 Total Recall celebration please email  whatsupeit@gmail. Submissions are due August 1 for inclusion in the show.


Dave said...

Yes I recall seeing Sharon Stone in this movie and not much else!

Uncle Bingo said...

Just watched the regular DVD of this because that's the only place you get the amazing commentary track by the 2 famous foreigners (Ahnold and the Robocop/Starship Troopers director) where they over-describe everything as it happens before you on the screen. It's almost more fascinating than something like Tery Gilliam's commentary for the final cut of Brazil because together they are so damn literal about everything yet it doesn't take away from how much fun the movie is. The great writing, from Phillip K. Dick's ideas to Dan O'Bannon's dialogue is what really helps keep this once cutting edge blockbuster fresh. So many great soundboard quotes and sounds.