Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Fellow Terriblobs and Terribloggers, it is my pleasure to introduce a new member of EIT, The King of Crap, The Duke of Puke, The Airwave Ranger. He is proudly holding down the New York Chapter, but don't be fooled by his tight pants and immaculate hair. This is the guy who found Hollywood Cop when the rest of us thought it wasn't even worth a damn. What a guy!

So please give a warm welcome to The Airwave Ranger, for his patience to sit through even the most painful of shite is truly remarkable. I believe he's seen the entire season of The White Rapper Show, which is unimaginable in itself.

Let's have a look!

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Brian Kamerer said...

back when i had tv for a year i am proud to say that i pretty much watched every episode of that show. i remember that rap very well. they were all so good...