Monday, November 13, 2017


We are turning 10 this December, so we're throwing ourselves the best birthday party of all time in LA at The Regent on 12/10! BUY TIX HERE!

Featuring all your fav vids, new EIT! Live show, Jerry photo booth, Mike Diva, LA City Municipal Dance Squad, Alan Resnick, Caroline Goldfarb of Official Sean Pean, Robby Rackleff, PBDY (DJ set), and so much more!

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mark lawrence said...

This is so cool! I really liked this video a lot. The music and collaborations are really nice. Congratulations on the 10th birthday. My store will also turn 10 this month and I am planning to have a celebration in one of the biggest Chicago event venues. All my friends and my family will be coming to the party. I am very eagerly waiting for the day.