Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Football: the anti-porn. Courtesy of the Deeper Understanding Collection!


Griffin Calhoun said...

you can laugh, but porn addiction is real, there really are guys who do nothing but watch porn all day, however these are the kind of guys that would spend all their time watching football or playing Call of Duty if they weren't watching porn (in other words, idiots), so it doesn't matter what they do, unless of course you believe a magical bearded man in the sky cares

at any rate, masturbation is as natural and necessary for men as taking a shit (that jizz has to come out one way or the other) and anyone that expects teenage boys to not masturbate is a fucking freak and any teenage guy, no matter how much he may love the good Lord Jesus Christ, who claims he doesn't beat the meat is a fucking liar, biology beats out faith any day of the week

Anonymous said...

Damn...I TOTALLY want to see those football players doing each other in a big orgy...man, that'd be sweet!

James Flynn said...

wow. check out xxxchurch.com featured in the video. they've got this funny cute video with two kids accidentally stumbling on porn sites. Its definitely NOT TERRIBLE. but its worth a watch:


Also, it features--I shit you not-- Ron Jeremy!

Mixed messages anyone?

Ravenhallow said...

This is why you walk up and down Porn Boulevard, don't bother with the end, you'll be fine.

ps girls look at porn and masturbate too but where are our obnoxious shaming ministries?

Anonymous said...

Idk why he said that about the pornography weekend at a church, I know I could and would come